Statement about school marks


As schools are about to re-open in full to all pupils and students, a number of people are naturally asking whether church attendance will again be recorded for the purposes of school admissions.The short answer is no!

The longer answer, is that “following the lockdown period, attendance patterns at public worship can start to be observed again when there is unrestricted and open access to all for public worship in the church building. Therefore, if churches are having to put restrictions on numbers attending in order to ensure compliance with the Covid-19 health and safety guidance then for the purpose of observing church attendance for compliance against Admission Arrangements the church is still technically closed for public worship.”Schools have already made any necessary adjustments to their admissions policies for those who will be applying this year. In light of the ongoing restrictions on numbers attending churches, I am sure that schools will be giving consideration to their admissions policies for following years and will publish these in due course.

You are, of course, still very welcome at church! However, please be mindful that there are lots of restrictions in place; you should check elsewhere on the Church website for details.

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