Virtual Tour

Welcome to the virtual tour of our beautiful Church. Looking at the altar is due east.

To have a full-screen version of the image, please click on the small arrow icon in the top-right of the screen. While in the full-screen version, you can zoom in and out of the image by rotating the wheel on the top of your mouse.

Press ESC to get back to this screen.

Navigation is easy with your mouse. The speed with which you move the cursor will affect the speed at which the image moves. Moving the cursor toward the left of the screen moves the screen to the left; moving the cursor toward the right of the screen moves the screen to the right.


1. The Patrick Reynolds window
2. The Abraham Leach window
3. The Rebecca Leach window
4. The Francis Buckley Broadbentย window
5. The lectern
6. The font
7. The altar
8. The east window
9. The reredos
10. The Charles Shaw window
11. The Edward and Edith Mayall window
12. The Joseph Mayall memorial
13. The John and Mary Schofield window
14. (left-hand side) The Victoria window
(right-hand side) The Joseph Ellis window
15. (left-hand side) The Sarah Lees window
(right-hand side) The Ben Harrop window
16. The Llewellyn-Harries memorial
17. The Llewellyn Golyddan Albert Harries-Jones window
18. The Edward Pearson window

Holy Trinity Church, Waterhead - Plan of Church