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Selected websites

Old photographs of Waterhead and district

St Peter’s Church in Manchester


We first wish to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund for a generous grant to enable the production of this History and Guide. Thank you also to Sophie McKee of the HLF for all her help and support.

It’s always a pleasure to acknowledge the help of a great many people, without whom this project would have failed before it started. So we thank the following for lending material for this work: (in alphabetical order), Mrs Freda Taylor for the photograph of children outside Waterhead School; John and Doreen Brooks for the Waterhead Almanacs; Laura Elliott at the Lambeth Palace Library for sourcing Shellard’s original plans of the Church, and to the Church Commissioners for permission to reproduce them; Gilbert Etherington for locating the map of Oldham in 1909; Les Garner for the biography of Shellard and for the postcard depicting a proposed design of the Waterhead Institute; Ruth Lees for the photo of Vicar Howe, and the 1950s School class photo; Donna Myers at the Diocesan Registry in Church House, Manchester, for her research on St Ambrose Mission and Church; Alex Scrimshaw for drawing the map of the Church on the inside of the back cover; Christian Shannon for all the modern photographs; Eric Wheeler, the Heritage Warden and Chairman of Sileby Heritage Group for the photograph of Revd Hunting; and John Wynn for the photos of Vicar Walker and the Rose Queens.

Also, a big ‘thank you’ to the helpful staff in the Local Studies and Archive section of Oldham Library for all their help, for the pictures of the ‘Old Cathedral’, the first venue of St Ambrose Mission, and the photo of Waterhead Institute.

The descriptions of the windows and their dedications is largely based on Fred Lees’ 1990 guidebook ‘Windows on Waterhead in the Parish Church of Holy Trinity’. Christian Shannon took all the photographs of the windows.